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Respect for the origins, tradition and strong personality define this wine of the Mencía variety cultivated on the steep slopes of the Ribeira Sacra. His unmistakable personality makes Discovering it Love it.

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It is the last wager of the winery. Inspired by a forest fairy.A young woman on her rocker, surrounded by the idyllic landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra, leaves behind her a trail of flavors evoking the unmistakable nuances of mencía. This brand continues the family saga, presenting a modern and current wine with the name of one of the granddaughters of the founder Manolo Arnoya.

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Special Pack of three bottles with the selection of the most exclusive wines from three of the most important Denominations of Origin in Galicia: Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra and Ribeiro.


This pack contains:


-Rectoral de Amandi, our most awarded Mencía, made from selected grapes from the different sub-areas of the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin.


-Rectoral do Umia, a unique albariño, with all the character of the Atlantic climate of the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin that gives rise to a balanced and well-structured wine with the right acidity to enjoy accompanied by exquisite delicacies.


-Gran Alanís, perfect blend of Treixadura and Godello, from the Ribeiro Denomination of Origin.

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On its label, a woman represents an allegory of the land of Galicia, with the Miño river flowing by. In either hand she holds Treixadura and Godello, the grape varieties with which we produce this Ribeiro wine. This wine is the result of an exceptional climate and landscape; it is also a reflection of the craftsmanship of a legendary wine-making tradition combined with state of the art technology.

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This limited edition corresponds to 72 barrels in memory of the years that we shared with Manolo Arnoya, founder of the winery, to whose effort and dedication this wine pays tribute. Made with grapes from Rectoral de Amandi's own vineyards on the slopes of the Ribeira Sacra, it remains in French, American and Caucasian oak barrels for 6 months before bottling. Feeling, passion, love and tradition define this wine and give it a unique character.

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This Godello from the Ribeira Sacra is the latest addition to the winery, its Pasal de Esile brand represents the course of the Sil River, the essence that runs along the slopes of the Ribeira Sacra, connecting both banks only by small rows of stone formed by its passage through the majesty of its waters.


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A unique elaboration, through it our winemaker presents a blend of native Ribeiro varieties in which the protagonist is the Godello variety, fine and delicate, which finds balance with the complexity in the mouth and aromatic intensity provided by the minority varieties. of this production: Treixadura, Loureira and Albariño.

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